How to tell a joke

There is nothing worse than defining a duplicate joke for a collector. If they do not deal with you, they will waste you, and if they are not very comfortable with you, they will look at each other meaningfully and grin, which is worse than swearing!

One of the catastrophes that can befall a defining joke is that in the middle of the work he or she forgets briefly or long-term and remembers the rest of the joke.

The shorter the joke, the more laughter thereafter. Do not prolong the joke in vain and do not ruin the pleasure of listening to it. This is especially important for those who speak in a catchy tone, like the gramophones of the 1930s and 1940s.

If you can define the joke so briefly that the audience will understand what happened a few seconds after it ended, you have done a masterpiece.

But if you want the more biological aspect of the story, we have to say that the human brain is made up of two front and lower lobes. (We do not want to look! It can be the same as the upper and lower parts)

When you tell a joke to someone, the right half of the upper lip and both halves of the lower lip try to understand it.

If they succeed and understand the contradiction in the joke or satire, the brain waves will be negative and the person will laugh.

But if they do not understand it, the brain waves will remain positive. As a result, the other side looks at you like a goat and is still waiting for you to continue your joke.

Because he does not know what to laugh about. This moment is one of the hardest and most difficult moments for both parties, and it is not easy to sum it up.

May God not afflict any tormentor!

But one day a person comes to Tehran and goes to a sports equipment store. He says: “Sir, do you have a full-length poster of me?” Dude says no. “Okay,” he says.
“Finish here!”

One thought on “How to tell a joke

  1. Hassan Tawfiq continued: In “Tawfiq” I worked 17 hours a day and sometimes I stayed in the editorial office until night and worked. At that time, I was running the magazine as a party. A motto was written, a sample of which I still have. There was also an oath that anyone who wanted to cooperate with “Tawfiq” and learn in the “Tawfiq” school should use everything he learned according to the interests of Iran.

    “I did not receive any money from the authorities during my press career,” said the veteran cartoonist, recalling that the then prime minister wanted to give cash gifts to all editors-in-chief of the press, but despite many flattering acceptance. And some complained about the lack of it, he refused to accept the gift.

    Tawfiq, while reviewing the memoirs of “Tawfiq” editorial office, reminded: “We wrote in one of the issues of” Tawfiq “that you laughed so much with this issue that your waistband would be torn.” For this reason, we had attached a waistband to all issues of the magazine. I remember once we had set up a bribery campaign for the Donkey Party and asked the audience if they could prove their purchase, they could join the party and get a membership card.

    “I also wrote a three-page article explaining that I could be a member of the Khorran party, I was able to get a membership card,” he said, showing his membership card to those present at the ceremony.

    “I had no healthy or unhealthy pastime in my life,” he said. I do not talk about the good and the bad of these things, but I have never smoked or smoked opium, I have never drunk or eaten, and I have never gambled. Some of my friends ask, what are you from? And I answer that I am not a native at all.


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