How to express love in ancient times

My grandmother used to say: Our time was not like saying fashion. When I wanted to say that I like to cook vegetables, I brewed them with Shirazi salad and cinnamon tea for the evening. I used to turn red and white until your grandfather came!
Your grandfather also said that a woman should have long hair and come to her waist. I used to lift my hair to say that I love her … up to my waist … I knew that I would cut her hair short. He did not say I love you much, but the food we ate was full of garlic. Then he told me not to hurt your hand, madam
Once he would say to himself under his breath and say, “I love you, you know .. that this is the work of my heart .. it is not my fault.”
We didn’t know how to say I love you, but it tasted better than saying it.
You are young and modern. I do not say do not say .. but well, apart from saying, one must do something to show his love! My poor grandmother did not know I love you today
His life is like a bubble on water
Neither a slice of vegetable nor a cup of tea

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