Remember Dr. Talat Basar ………..

At Gandishapur University, some books were translated from Hindi, Syriac, and Greek into Pahlavi, including Khodainameh, Kalileh and Demneh, Hezar Afsaneh, Sinbadnameh, Weiss and Ramin, Ayinameh, and Tajnameh.

Jundishapur University was rebuilt in 1336 during the reign of Mohammad Reza Shah Pahlavi with the efforts and perseverance of Dr. Abbas Jamei, President of the University, and people like Dr. Talat Basari in founding and establishing the Faculty of Literature and the Faculty of Educational Sciences of Jundishapur and Administration and Development Other parts of it played a significant role.

Dr. Basari says: “In 1969, when I started serving at Jundishapur University, the university had only one agricultural faculty, which was in relatively good condition, and had a nursing school, a medical school and a hospital, similar to the chaotic Sinai Hospital in Tehran and a university. Excellent that flight masters went to Khuzestan from Tehran and taught there. The idea of ​​creating a faculty of literature formed in my mind during these trips to Tehran.

In those days, the plane flew from Ahvaz to Tehran only twice a week, and the flight time did not match the teaching hours of the professors, and we had to take scrap buses from the university to get to Abadan from Ahvaz and fly to Tehran from that airport. .

On one of these trips, the weather was very cold and the bus did not have a heater. The driver said: the air has not been so cold for years that we need a heater. The last time I went to Iran was years ago, the weather was so cold. I asked in surprise, what does it mean? But Khorramshahr and Ahvaz are not part of Iran that you say when I went to Iran. “No, at that time, from Andimeshk to the other side, it was called Iran, and this part was occupied by foreigners.”

Dr. Basari adds: “It was during this trip that I decided to establish the field of Persian literature by establishing the Faculty of Literature at Jundishapur University so that students from countries around the Persian Gulf and other regions can come to Jundishapur University and learn Persian. I was that studying in any field creates a special interest and attachment to that environment in a person, and so we established the Faculty of Literature at Jundishapur University, and I taught there alone for thirty hours a week.

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  1. The name of Shiraz has been registered in historical books and documents with different names such as: “Tirazis”, “Shirazis” and “Shiraz”. The original location of this city was at the site of Abu Nasr Castle. Shiraz was moved to its present location during the Benjamiyya period, and flourished at the cost of destroying Istkhr, the ancient capital of Persia. This city was the capital of Iran during the Saffarids, Boians and prisoners.


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