Shiraz during the time of the brave king

In the city of Shiraz, northwest of Hafeziyeh, near the Hafttanan complex, next to Haft Tan Boulevard, is the tomb of a ruler who during his reign was praised by people like Hafez Shirazi and the general public longs for the end of his reign.

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Who is the brave king?
Jalaluddin Shah Shoja, nicknamed Abu al-Fawars, is one of the sultans of Al-Muzaffar and the most famous person of this family. His father, Amir Mobaraz al-Din Mohammad Muzaffar, is the founder of the Muzaffar dynasty, and his mother is Turkan Makhdoom Shah, the daughter of Shah Jahan Qarakhtai, one of the Qarakhtai sultans of Kerman. The Qarakhtayans are one of the sectarian dynasties of Iran who ruled Kerman for about 83 years.

What finally happened?He was born in Yazd on the 22nd of Jamadi al-Thani, 733 AH. On his mother’s side, he was related to the Qarakhtai sultans of Kerman.

Jalaluddin showed many qualities during his father’s rule. He played a major role in the conquest of Shiraz by his father, which led to the extinction of the Al-Inju government. These merits caused him to be appointed first in 754 AH by the father of the governor of Kerman and then to Ahdi province.

Although the brave king did not succeed in continuing his scientific education during his childhood due to the fact that his childhood coincided with the founding period of Al-Muzaffar’s reign, he also showed his merits in literature and art. He had a good handwriting and his writings were fluent, beautiful and elegant. The brave king himself wrote poetry, and his literary taste made him a circle of poets during his reign.

Another characteristic of the brave king that has been mentioned in history and some events have been narrated about it, is the beauty of his face, and since the beauty of the face with good morals was collected in the brave king, he was very popular among the people. . It is said in history that one day the brave king and his entourage were passing through the city. After seeing the Shah, the old woman called one of the women of the house, who was eager to meet the brave king, and said, “Fatemeh Khatun, come and see that the brave king is passing by.” When the brave king realizes this, he orders them to stop, and when the people around him ask him the reason, he states that it is not permissible for Fatima Khatun’s wish not to be fulfilled and to break her heart. We stand to see us, then we go.

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