Why was the best Iranian humor magazine banned?Why was the best Iranian humor magazine banned?

In 1301 AH, during the reign of Ahmad Shah, Hussein Tawfiq received the privilege of a humorous magazine called Tawfiq. The publication of this magazine was not a problem until Reza Khan came to power, and Tawfiq received mild criticism from the ruling system, but gradually when Reza Khan came to power, the atmosphere Socially and politically, it became closed and work became very difficult for many publications, including Tawfiq, so until 1317, this magazine did not have a critical policy and was published mostly with the content of poetry, prose and advertisements. After the death of Hossein Tawfiq, Tawfiq magazine was stopped until in 1319, under the management of his son, Mohammad Ali Tawfiq, its second period began and continued until the coup d’état of August 19, 1943. During this period and after Shahrivar 1320, the political atmosphere became a little more open. Hence, Tawfiq’s articles became political and critical, like many other magazines, while retaining their humorous and humorous style. Political instability due to the instability of governments was the mainstay of success in criticizing the ruling regime, which led to successive sanctions, but in general Tawfiq avoided clashes with the court, only in the midst of the events leading up to the coup d’état of August 28, 1943. The title “Russian sedition” sharply criticized Mohammad Reza Pahlavi. Mohammad Ali Tawfiq was arrested for this article on August 19, 1943 in the office of the publication and was first imprisoned in the castle of Falak al-Aflak and then exiled to Khark Island. He was released a year later, provided he was not politically active
Abbas Tawfiq: Author of Tawfiq Magazine: I feel that I can congratulate the New Year to all my dear compatriots.
Reporter Is
Are you satisfied with the result?
God, if I am satisfied, it is like a grocer who praises himself. You must be satisfied!

This is a sign of your successful humor that has automatically taken its place in the design work and even in the conversation. Mr. Asadipour, in the Noah’s Ark that came there, among the things that were published, the letters of Abolghasem Halat, Kiomars Saberi Foumani, Ismail Nawab Safa, Hadi Khorsandi, from designers besides you, Ahmad Sakhavarz, Nasser Pakshir and others who were with you. Many, Parviz Shapour, caricaturist and Imran Salahi and many others. What do you think made Success successful?
Tawfiq was a base, it was an umbrella that you see for the first time in the Iranian press, which gathers a number of Iranian satirists and humorists under its umbrella and nurtures some and expands some of their work, and in any case a very special importance. has it.
Also, the popularity of this magazine reached such a level at the end of the second period of its publication that Tawfiq gradually replaced “Mollansereddin Zamaneh”; Because people now attributed the oral jokes they made to success. The beginning of the third period of this magazine in 1336 solar year, at the same time with the creation of new faces of “Kakatofiq” characters in the awe of “Blackmen”, Kaka Khar), the “nation” (in poor clothes and with a branded hat) and other personalities, including the prime ministers, members of parliament, and others, who were introduced to the occasion and appeared on the cover. The Tawfiq brothers who were in charge of this magazine, only a few months after the publication of the third period of Tawfiq in 1337, issued the license of this magazine in the name of Hassan.

One of the characteristics of the Tawfiq brothers, and especially Hassan Tawfiq (Hassan Tawfiq 29 and his brothers Hussein 23 and Abbas, who managed Tawfiq for 22 years), was that they tried to have a popular image and did not belong to any current or party. Do not be serious and make fun of everyone. Most of the cover ideas were influenced by topics such as folklore, beliefs and rituals and superstitions, songs, oral histories and myths, and in one sentence, Tawfiq’s elitist policy, unlike other satirical publications, focused on the masses and their interests. Imran Salahi, a contemporary poet, writer and satirist, writes about Hassan Tawfiq: “His style was also very interesting. He was very Iranian. Extremely Iranian spaces. “Sometimes, in order to capture a scene or some of the brigades, he would sit on the side of the street and secretly sketch the faces of people or neighborhoods.” Kambiz, a cartoonist, says about Hassan Tawfiq: “He was a very obsessive person who cared a lot about work, and sometimes he worked on the cover design of a magazine for two days.” I have been following Tawfiq since I was 12 years old and my cartoons have been published in this magazine since I was 14 years old. We had meetings twice a week, one of which was cover. When the plan was finalized, Mr. Hassan Tawfiq was told to go and bring two people from the street to see if they understood the purpose of the plan. This is a very important work and it takes a lot of art for all people to understand what you are saying. Popular popularity is hard to find, and success was not only popular but also particularly popular.

One thought on “Why was the best Iranian humor magazine banned?Why was the best Iranian humor magazine banned?

  1. .One of the jokes of Tawfiq magazine that was made by the method of the story
    ..Khabranagar: Phosphates is Mjurin?
    Chukun: Do you always help us?
    Khabrangar: Sayha
    Chopon: Migorn fodder
    Khabranagar: Sfida?
    Chukon: Unahm Mijorn fodder
    Khabranagar: Young adults bridle your heart?
    Chukon: Spoil you?
    Khabrangar: Sayha
    Chouhoun: You betray him
    Khabranagar: Sfida?
    Chukhon: Ona Roo is Too Humun Khonh Bazrazh
    Khabranagar: How do you excel at me?
    Chukon: Spoil you?
    Khabrangar: Sayha
    Chouhon: Ba-August, you are so cute
    Khabranagar: Svida Raua?
    Chouhon: Shine them on Aba. Good night
    News of his Asabani Mishah:
    Uh, my band, Nadaran, is she, O Sefaad? What is a Tawam harness?
    Chowon Meeh: His brother benefited money from him
    Khabrangar: Sayaha Mal Kai?
    Chuchun: Unnahem is what he served


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