Are there living things on other planets?

Bah به’u’llلهh says:
The sages, who have interpreted the life of the world to be several thousand years old, have not counted the planets during this period. The sun exists like planets, and on every planet there are creatures whose passing statistics are incapable of counting …

(From the lectures of volume ٢ p ١٠٧٧)

This slave presented the petitions of the divine friends who have asked about this matter, and some of them in the question appeared with complete insistence, so what is available when this word was heard was said from the highest pen: “O present slave, if the answer is not revealed, he is afraid of lack of divine knowledge.” Carry “end. And in any case, the answer is the revelation of the prohibition sentence in him, except for one or two prohibitions on employment with this repeated act of revelation of the previous wisdom, which is different in the elements and on the planets, as well as in the movements, souls and bodies. Whether it appears in numbers and, of course, in later ages, what is hidden from the eyes, and this great appearance is the cause and cause, for conquering the chapters of science and the ruling of one of the sciences and the soldiers of truth, has not fully comprehended it. And how many satellites are hidden from view ….
Heavenly Table Volume 1 Page 20

2 thoughts on “Are there living things on other planets?

  1. The study of the possibility of life on other planets, looking at Professor Frankdrick’s famous equation, caused a great deal of controversy.
    Ever since humans realized that the points of light above their heads are stars like the sun, and their physics are similar to those we have on the planet, and science has told the evolution of beings, the question arose as to whether we are alone in the universe. ? That is, in a world of this magnitude, there are other intelligent beings besides earthlings? And if so, should we be afraid of them? What do these creatures look like? Are they more advanced or behind us?

    Now the answers to these questions over the years may be scientific or quasi-scientific. Just as there is genuine sex, there is also counterfeiting. Whenever science is in the middle, pseudo-science opens a place for itself.

    There are microorganisms.
    Which is based on geothermal. Also, all the life we ​​know is base carbon, while silica can provide such conditions, and we may be on another planet.
    Have a silicon-based biology; That is, we Earthlings are carbon-like creatures and more like coal, and they may be silicon-like creatures that look like glass or even light!


  2. Most of the people have not reached puberty, and except for a chapter of knowledge, they are open to the face of worship, saying that all of me in the heavens and the earth, rich in knowledge from our knowledge, settled on the throne of stillness.  Dorbahai p. 14
     Soon the material sciences and knowledge of God will advance so much and show miracles that the eyes will be amazed and the secret of this verse of Isaiah “because the world will be full of the knowledge of God” will appear in full.  And also note that in this short period of time when the advent of Jamal Mubarak has been celebrated, all nations, tribes and clans have entered into Christianity, Judaism, Zoroastrianism, Hinduism, Buddhism and all Iranians in the end.  These people have been related to each other for a thousand years, but they are like fathers, children, mothers, daughters, brothers and sisters.
     Kingdom Message 441


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