Dr. Farzam Arbab went to the eternal world

Their happy souls were Farzam Arbab, a member of the Great House of Divine Justice. This was the expansion of the spiritual plan and its content and superficial provisions for the new generation of young people to acquaint them with the original and authentic texts of the Bah به’ دی Faith.

This Iranian genius who influenced the world died at the age of 78
Mr. Farzam Arbab (1-4) received his Ph.D. in Physics and PhD from Berkeley University, USA
And at that time, all the university professors considered him the greatest genius of physics.
In an unexpected move of their own free will, they changed course and immigrated to Colombia, devoting all their efforts to educating and educating the people to achieve peace and friendship.
In continuation of his services, he founded an educational (spiritual) institute that aims to take steps for all human beings on the planet to serve the same kind. It currently trains millions of people in more than 150 countries
The effects of his services on the idea of ​​reforming the world through good deeds went so far that the example of all people was to “change the thought of love with the thought of hatred and to confront the thought of peace with the thought of war.”

The impact of his services in Colombia, the center of the spread of narcotics and civil war, has trained people to think of serving the whole world instead of war and narcotics, and the country signed a peace treaty after 50 years of civil war. Including economics and social and civil affairs, surpassed neighboring countries such as Venezuela, and Colombia moved towards freedom and prosperity.
May the path be a model for all the honorable people of the world

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