What do you mean by Adam and Eve?

For centuries, the objection has been raised that if Adam made a mistake and sinned, why should human beings pay the penalty for this sin forever?
These verses have all the meanings and interpretations of the novel and are not among the confidants of the secret and the relatives of the needless and knowledgeable of those secrets. Therefore, these verses of the Torah have several meanings. Let us express one of its meanings and say that the destination is from Adam, the soul of Adam, and from Eve, the soul of Adam, because in some positions of the divine books that mention women, the destination is the human soul. And the destination of the lineage of good and evil is the world of Nasut, because the divine spiritual world is pure good and light, but in the world of Nasut there is light and darkness and good and evil of contradictory truths. And the destination of the serpent belongs to the world of Nasut, the belonging of the soul to the world of Nasut causes …
Contracts: Page 90
Who indicated the soul and spirit of man from the world of application to the world of restriction and realized the kingdom of monotheism in the world of impurity, and when the soul and spirit of man stepped out of the world of impurity, he left the paradise of application after he was in exaltation And evil stepped. And the purpose of the genealogy of the highest life is the rank of the universe, the existence of the position of the word of God, and the general emergence, therefore, that position is preserved until the emergence of Ashraf, the general manifestation of that position became apparent. Because the position of my man in terms of appearance and manifestation of divine perfection was the position of sperm and the position of Jesus Christ was the rank of maturity and growth and the rise of the great man, the rank of innate perfection and perfection of attributes. That is, in the highest paradise of the family tree ….
Book of Innovations – Volume 1: Page 98
Notice that Adam and the others were in Paradise. As soon as there was a dispute between Adam and Satan in the Garden of Eden, all of them left Paradise until the human race learns a lesson and realizes that quarreling causes deprivation, even with Satan, so in this age. According to the divine teachings, enlightenment is permissible, even with the devil, and quarrels are not permissible, while on the contrary, the human world is full of war and strife, war is between religions, war is between nations, war is between nations, for example ….
· ..Thaban (dragon) of power
It is mentioned in the Old Testament and the Qur’an that God sent a miracle to Moses.
Atta said that when he came with his cane, he shouted
He became a dragon
In Surah A’raf, the word Tha’ban is mentioned and in Surah al-Shu’ara, Tha’ban is mentioned
And in Surah Ta Ha; Hayeh means snake
The beauty of the step of the Almighty in the book of the belief of the serpent and the oxen to the power of God that accompanies
Moses was a follower
Concise Dictionary of Iqan p. 16
Rumi has mentioned this point in his book Masnavi
… Know the word of the Qur’an, which is outward
… Is the Qur’an in your understanding like a cane? .. kills infidels like dragons?
…. You made your basket, Eve’s band …. You made a worm, you are a dragon
… Note … If Moses could have cut the Nile River in half with his staff
He first cut Pharaoh in half
.. It is not possible that this sign meant the same miracles, because by repeating the name, it does not make a sign. In addition, when the Pharaohs saw the miracles, they said according to the Qur’an: “Flanatink magically said, ‘We are like him.’ We will bring “(17) and while they said in Moses’ reply:” We did not know such a thing, in our forefathers, and we have not heard from them “. , Not his miracles, let alone the miracles of Moses does not mean to say: We do not have a history like this, because not having a history of such miracles, its invitation can not be rejected.
There are truths to be told. These facts are indirectly in the heart of the verses of the Qur’an, but they are not clear and need to be interpreted and explained.
When the people asked about the meaning of these verses, the prophets said according to the verses – the time has not come to tell these truths. When the time comes (the advent of Bah حضرت’u’ll ،h, Allah) then you will understand the meaning of the verses and you will be recognized for your ignorance.

  • It is said that the polytheists criticized the verses of the Qur’an such as the eclipse of the sun, the collapse of the mountains and the falling of stars on the earth and the burning of the seas and the halving of the moon and many others and said that Muhammad deceives his people because These things do not exist and there is a rational refusal. At the foot of their verses are revealed models based on the fact that these verses have spiritual meanings that have not yet come to be clarified, so it is not understandable for them, such as the fact that the falsehood is not interpreted with knowledge and not interpreted (Jonah 39). It is clear that the interpretation of the verses does not mean understanding the apparent meanings so that anyone who is familiar with the Arabic word or knows history, jurisprudence and principles can understand it. And the important point is that
    According to Bah به’ آموز teachings, Adam meant the soul of man himself, and Eve meant his physical soul.
    … Basically the word miracle
    The word miracle in the sense that we understand it does not appear in the Qur’an. In the Qur’an, the words: verse and evidence are used instead.
    Each of us alone is the miracle of this creation. Two ears, two eyes, mouth, nose, forehead, cheeks, lips, and head full of hair. Is that enough? Never. These are your looks. In the small box above your head, God has placed things that are more powerful and accurate than the most powerful telescopes, cameras, and receivers in the world, because they are both alive and can help themselves with the help of other organs if they find a defect in themselves. , Repair and rebuild. For example, we see well with our heads and faces. We hear. We smell good and bad. We talk. We think and learn science. We eat. We feel sour, sweet, bitter and salty tastes. In addition, we transmit the feelings we have to others and everything that happens to us by changing the muscles and organs of our face to others. As soon as you stand in front of the mirror, feel surprised without saying a word, for example. Feeling scared. Feeling hated. Open face and feel kind. You can deny something by shaking your head. Laugh. Cry. One of the most important things you have ever thought about is that without the help of your tongue, you can never chew or move food or snacks in your mouth. (Please try.) Neither food nor even chewing gum. These have been normal for us since childhood and we have not paid attention to any of them. Indeed, if these are not miracles; So what is a miracle?

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