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Should my business have multiple FacebookPages?A single platform for your virtual services
Whether you’re looking to take your existing services online or create entirely new experiences, paid online events can help you:

Make money and grow your businessInvite people to your classes, workshops or other events and charge a fee for admission.
Expand your audienceOpen up your events to the world. Expand your reach beyond your local area by taking in-person events virtual.
Save time and get discoveredCreate, host, and collect payment all where your customers are. Host your event Facebook Live or connect a third-party platform.
Create an Event
If you don’t want to charge a fee for your experience, or you want to continue to host events on another platform, you can still create a Facebook event from your Page and use it to drive awareness.
Get the word out about your event.
Share your event on Facebook and Instagram to drive awareness and excitement about your event or service.
Drive awareness and stay top of mind
Share your event for free on Facebook and Instagram with posts and stories. Keep people in the know about upcoming events or share other updates.Share a Post
Build community
Groups can help you build not just awareness but community around your upcoming event or session. Contribute to conversations and share your events with people interested in your industry or what you do.Find a Group

Promote your event directly from your Page
While you can always create an event on Facebook for free, event ads can help you:
Spread the wordShare information about your event and reach more people who might be interested in your business.
Get RSVPs on FacebookEncourage people to respond to your event so they receive updates and reminders.
Increase ticket salesReach new people who are likely to be interested in your event or share a new event with your existing customers.
Boost Event

Manage all aspects of your event in one place
From classes to conversations, Live can help you share experiences that bring your community closer. Whether you’re using free or paid events, going Live can help you:
Stay connected to your customers and followers. Use Live to keep hosting the events you used to host in person, or create entirely new ways for customers to engage with you.
Entertain and educate your audience with live performances, interviews or exclusive events.
Build and strengthen relationships by sharing key updates, hosting Q&A sessions, or bringing customers behind the scenes to get to know your business.
Learn More

Connect with people using Facebook Live.

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