The twelfth Imam of the Shiites

In the Imamate dynasty after Imam Hussein, other Imams came one after the other and became the leader and Imam of the Shiite Ummah, and all of them were pious and pious men, until finally the last and eleventh of them, known as Muhammad Hassan Askari, passed away in the year 9 AH. And he had a young son who died in infancy, and some say he had no children at all. The Shiite scholars, who thought that this was the path of eternal Imamate, were confused and puzzled as to what to do and what to answer the Shiite ummah and the followers of Al-Ali. The Imam and the leader do not have to follow him. It was a big problem.
First, the twelfth Imam is alive, but he is absent and will appear or leave when, as they say, oppression pervades the world, and in order to prevent people from being questioned, they said he went to a well, and then some people asked why he went to the well. But there was no better place. They modified the itinerary of the Absent Imam.
The second part of this conspiracy was that in the absence of the Imam, the ulema, without any permission from the previous Imams, appointed themselves the Deputy Absent Imam, or according to them, the head of the Imam, who the Shiite ummah should follow or imitate, and the source of imitation was created from here.
In short, the Twelfth Imam was made and prepared to be delivered to people who were accustomed to superstitions, and the first scholars who fabricated this scenario knew that they were all arrogant, but unfortunately, as their chests widened, they embodied a reality that never existed. In short, four Shiite scholars, one after the other, played the role of the twelfth Imam, and after these reasons, no one claimed the absence of the absent Imam for any other reason. It was from here that the Shiite scholars arbitrarily called themselves the absent Imam, and this false and baseless belief continued. Found until our time that the government of the Islamic Republic rules on the basis of this superstition on behalf of the Imam of the time

But it should be noted that there are authentic hadiths left from Prophet Muhammad and most of these eleven Imams about the emergence of a great figure from the dynasty of Fatima who is the savior of the Islamic Ummah and this promise has nothing to do with the imaginary idol made by Shiite scholars and the truth is that if we want To establish the twelfth Imam in the line of Imamate, there can be no one other than the person of Sayyid Bab, but the position of Sayyid Bab is very high, as Bah احمد’u’ll احمدh is mentioned in the Tablet of Bah احمد’u’ll احمدh as the King of the Messenger, and he himself is a completely independent prophet with many books and tablets. Not all of them have been counted yet
He had a very attractive and influential personality and a gentle and sweet tone and a strange gravitational force of the kingdom in him that in a short time thousands of old and young men and women died on the floor among his followers and among the people drowned in ignorance and superstition. Unique heroes were created, some of whom were among the leading scholars of Islam, and according to history, at least twenty thousand Iranians voluntarily died in the path of the young Mahdi.

Titles such as Wali Asr Sahib Al-Zaman Imam Zaman Ghaem Mo’oud Mahdi waiting for the Twelfth Imam in Shiite and Sunni books are all references to his emergence

Hazrat Bab Baftawi of Shiite scholars by the government of Amir Kabir’s reign After only six years of his command in Tabir by the Khamseh Nasser Regiment, three people were rained on July 9, 2009.

According to the testimony of the date of execution of Hazrat Bab, it was noon and he was forcibly brought and tied in a square with a young man who insisted that he be martyred with an ice cream rope. A moment later, fire was fired and the gunpowder smoke was removed from 5 guns. The young man standing at the bottom of the pillar, the rope is broken and there is no news that more than ten thousand people of Tabriz were watching the incident in and around the square.
The carpets searched and found Bob in the same room, and he was dictating to his secretary, and he told them, “Now that my work is done, carry out your intention.” The carpenter escaped in terror, but the others returned to the Bab. They brought it and closed it again and the fire was ordered again, and this time two bodies were mixed by the intensity of the bullets. It is interesting that so many people present did not wake up seeing this extraordinary thing and did not try to seize this innocent Sayyid. Save the teeth of Gorgan religion. The martyrdom of history After the martyrdom of Bab, a severe storm surrounded Tabriz, which became as dark as night due to the dust of the day, and the earth and the sky fell on its head from this great crime and sank into mourning. Although Hazrat Bab reached his goal of sacrifice in the way of God, but the killing of this holy soul of the Promised Mehdi provoked the wrath of God and caused terrible consequences for the people of Iran, which is still going on, and the end of this divine atonement is still unknown.

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