The destruction of the Soviet Union

“The destruction of the Soviet Union was the greatest geopolitical catastrophe of the century. It was a tragedy for the Russian people. Tens of millions of our compatriots and citizens remained outside the geographical borders of Russia
. The catastrophe of the fall also affected Russia…. Citizens’ savings became worthless
And the old ideals were all gone.
From the letters of Vladimir Putin
In those days, hundreds of thousands of people took to the streets to feel empowered and appointed by the government. This is very different from the feelings of today’s people, who are often frustrated and think they can do nothing. But in those days we were united and confident that we would be able to destroy the hated rulers who wanted to bring us back to communism. That was the reality in those days … “

Russian liberals and democrats continue to see August 1991 as a turning point in the country’s history, despite the difficulties and setbacks of the democratic process in Russia, as a result of which communism failed and the seeds of a free Russia were sown.
The transition from the Soviet Republic to the Commonwealth of Independent States, known as the collapse of the Soviet Union, was one of the greatest political and historical changes of the last decade of the twentieth century, with important consequences: the end of the Cold War and the beginning of a series of bloody wars in Europe. The East, especially the Balkans and the Federal Socialist Republic of Yugoslavia, were civil wars like the First Chechen War, Central Asia like the Tajik Civil War, the rise of Islamic fundamentalism in Afghanistan, and the rise of the Taliban.
But what happened when the Soviet Union invaded Afghanistan at the time? Left-wing Afghan army officers overthrew پنج five-year-old Mohammad Daud Khan in a bloody military coup, killing the president and his family members, including children.

The Soviet Union was the first foreign government to recognize the People’s Democratic Party of Afghanistan, led by Noor Mohammad Tarahki, as a legitimate and established government, and began military aid to the coup regime in March of the following year.

At this point, the United States, concerned about the influence of its longtime rival in South Asia and the Kremlin’s access to the Indian Ocean, began to support Islamists opposed to the coup, as historical documents show, and at the same time approached Hafizullah Amin. شماره The number two man of the coup regime started working.

September 14, 1979

With the coup against Noor Mohammad Tarahaki, Hafizullah Amin took over the post of chairman of the central council of the ruling party and the country’s leadership.

Moscow is clearly concerned about Washington’s influence in Afghanistan and is working to take control of the situation.

December 12, 1979
December 12, 1979
The Politburo, or political bureau of the Soviet Union, decides to intervene militarily in Afghanistan.
December 24, 1979
The Soviet Ministry of Defense ordered a military operation in Afghanistan. Units of the 40th Division of the Red Army entered Afghanistan from the northern border and moved to Kabul, Mazar-e-Sharif and Herat.
December 29, 1979
Five days after the start of the Soviet campaign, Babrak Karmal, the leader of the flag branch of the People’s Democratic Party of Afghanistan, was appointed chairman of the ruling party’s central council.
May 4, 1986

Following a change in Soviet policy in Afghanistan and the expression of Mikhail Gorbachev’s desire to leave Afghanistan, Babrak Karmal was forced by Moscow to step down as president to pave the way for a younger and more trusted Kremlin figure, Mohammad Najibullah. .

November 24, 1986

During the transfer of power from Carmel to Najibullah, two interim governments led by Haji Mohammad Chamkani took over. During Chamkani’s 37-day presidency, Moscow officially announced its intention to withdraw a number of its troops from Afghanistan.

September 30, 1986

Mohammad Najibullah, the former head of Afghanistan’s State Security Service (KHAD), became the chairman of the Central Council of the People’s Democratic Party of Afghanistan and the country’s new leader.

May 15, 1988, the beginning of the departure
On this date, the Red Army officially launched an operation to withdraw its forces from Afghanistan. The eight-year war had cost the Soviets dearly, and the Kremlin did not see a clear prospect of continuing to occupy Afghanistan. The Soviet Union did not provide casualty figures for Afghanistan, but US intelligence sources estimated that more than 15,000 Red Army soldiers were killed and many more wounded in Afghanistan.
February 15, 1989
Complete withdrawal of the Soviet Army from Afghanistan
On this day, the last of the army’s soldiers crossed the “Friendship Bridge” on the northern border of Afghanistan and entered Soviet territory. The last Russian soldier to leave Afghanistan was the country’s top Red Army official, General Boris Gromov, then commander of the Soviet 40th Division.

One thought on “The destruction of the Soviet Union

  1. تشکیل حکومت اسلامی از نوع آدمکشی در افغانستان تاسیس شد  روزی هفصد نفر از مردم به خاطر کرونا در ایران دارند از دست می‌روند  و این آخوندها هیچ در طول روز
    غمشون نیست و از تشکیل دولت طالبان تشکیل حکومت اسلامی از نوع آدمکشی مثل خودشون  خوشحال شدند  هفصد نفر از هموطنان عزیز مون بخاطر نبود واکسن  فقط دارند  فوت می‌کنند میمیرند 
    ولی روز دادخواهی خواهد رسید در  حدود ۵۰۰ و ۶۰۰ هزار نفر از مردم کشورمون فوت کرده اند آمار دقیقی نیست اما به هرحال تلفات بسیاری داشت امیدوارم ایران و افغانستان  به زودی به آزادی برسند  سال گذشته خوب شروع شده بود ولی متاسفانه وقتی بایدن هشتاد ساله  که الان باید در خانه در حال استراحت باشه آمد  و تمام تلاش ها برای بهتر زندگی کردن و ساختن کشور افغانستان بهم خورد  دوران طلایی افغانستان در ۵۰ سال گذشته قبل از ورود و دخالت  امریکا بود پس به این نتیجه می‌رسیم که قدرت ها به فکر مردم نیستند به فکر کشورها نیست فقط به فکر منافع خودشان هستند تا بتوانند جهان سوم را چپاول کنند   و از همین رو  زندگی خوبی برای خودشان و مردم  کشورشون  درست کردند
    امریکا ادای خدا را در میاره هم خدای گوسفند ها ست [ افغانستان و هم خدای گرگ هاست [ طالبان ] و هر دو را به میز مذاکره دعوت میکند
     ، برای وضع ایران هم به همین شیوه فکر میکند
     با دزدان بیت المال وارد مذاکره در میز فرجام میشود
     و از آن طرف از خیزش ملی ایرانیان دفاع میکند
     اکثر آن ها نمی خواهند چیزی از این انحطاط اخلاقی بشنوند؛ 
    چون دوست دارند فکر کنند که آمریکا یک الگو برای جهانیان است
    . اگر خوب نگاه کنیم شواهد این فروپاشی اخلاقی را هر روز در اطراف خود می بینیم.
    این فساد اخلاقی بسیار فراتر از آن است که یک گروه و حزب سیاسی خاص بتواند آن را حل کند؛ چون این مشکلی است که بین میلیون ها نفر از مردم آمریکا وجود دارد
     و اکثر آن ها نمی خواهند چیزی از این انحطاط اخلاقی بشنوند؛
    فرق رئیس جمهور هاش هم مثل فرق کوکولا و کانادا درای و  پپسیه

     در خبرها بود هواپیماهای ارتشی که می‌خواست از زمین بلند بشه دو نفر روی هواپیما خودشان را بسته بودند متاسفانه هواپیما موقع بلند شدن  از آسمان به  روی زمین افتادند و می‌توان گفت این مرگ دو انسان نبود مرگ انسانیت  مرگ خرد بود 


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