What do you mean by Adam and Eve?

What do you mean by Adam and Eve?
‘Abdu’l-Bahها says in his commentary on “Adam”: O Al-Abi, O servant of the Divine Gate, although he has so far failed in his correspondence …
But in the world of heart and soul, in all revivals, the remembrance of Mons was the heart, and the mention of Anis was soul and basil.
Divine companions are present in the association
And contained in the shirt
It is not possible to forget them immediately
How to forget and forget .. His good scent makes the horizons of the rest of life
To the Holy Truth and to the Mercy of the Children of Adam
At the pole, the possibility of endless love is evident
Adam in the Divine Aquarius and the Holy Periods of Mercy
My first is safe
What is the first innovation?
And human beings are people who
In that blind, under the word of mercy
And are his dynasty and generation
Therefore, grace is meant for many people
The virtue of these people is on others
We owe it to the people who are the fathers
What those exceptions are
As well as populations that were ousted from the human world
And have been characterized by the attributes of the kingdom
Those people are considered to be the highest public and the angels to be close
And towards the so-called property
Those manifestations
Although apparently
They are sent in the human body, but in reality they are a sacred identity
And your kin
And your kin
These sacred truths are also exceptions
Thought and reflection on this interpretation is permissible
فانّه يغنی عن الاطناب
And Lu Kan Lee is a fluid and fluid pen
To interpret this blessed verse is to interpret it
The hearts and the explanation to the issuance
And to listen to the call to prayer
The spirit of life is the life of man
But what is the trick and what is the cure?
The call to prayer is forbidden, but the sun is forbidden
And obvious obstacles
And do not ask God to conquer the hearts of the beloved, the doors of conquest
And he explains the light of the knowledge of Al-Afeed and Al-Sadr
And the Sunnah speaks to them to invent meanings among the people of light
And the price is on you and on all of it is registered on the covenant
And cling to the trustworthy opinion that does not separate them in a day
Resurrection and publication
فانّ الثبوت على المثاق magnet
For grace and enlightenment and interesting all good in the horizons

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