A woman said to the pastor

A woman said to the pastor of the church:
I do not want to be in church!
The priest said:
Can I ask why ?
The woman replied:
Because I see some people talking on the phone,
Some are texting while praying,
Some gossip and gossip,
Some just have their bodies here,
Some are asleep,
Some people are staring at me …
The priest was silent,
Then he said:
Can I ask you to do something for me before you make your final decision?
The woman said:
What must be done?
The priest said: I want you to hold a glass of water and walk around the church twice and do not let any water spill out of it. 🌼🍃
The woman said:
Yes I can!
The woman took the glass and walked around the church twice. He turned and said: I did!
The priest asked:
Did you see anyone talking on the phone?
Did you see anyone gossiping?
Did you see anyone who thinks elsewhere?
Did you see anyone sleeping? 🌼🍃
The woman said:
I could not see anything because all my senses were on the glass of water so that nothing would come out of it …
✨The priest said:
When you come to church, you must have all your senses and focus
To “God”.
That is why Christ said “follow me” and did not say to follow Christians!
Do not let your relationship with God be related to the relationship of others with God. Let this relationship be determined by how you focus on God.
Let us look to God, not the lives and judgments of others

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