How to make money on YouTube Part 1

These are all places you can get totally free videosTo create your channel, you can download and download video from these networks for free.
1_#Pixabay .com2_ 3_#Videvo.net4_#BRAINTASTIC5_ #Tend Max6_ #Origiins Explained7_ #kepinKepin it karl8_tictok9_likeeand much moreWe most have add playing on the video Which means the chanel is monetizedand thy’re making money from their channel.also you have to get adigital store account and every week you get deposits to you bank account about a hundred thousand  dollars per week from the information and the marketplace here on digit store account to get paid to understand if your country is not listed i’m sorry you’re not gonna paid and here go to WWE get a digital store 24you pay attention i’s very importantafter register now you want to go to marketplace and yougoing done to this product for youservices affiliate marketing program system you don’t need any skills allyou can promote it for freethese take not any money from you it’s free and go to
now you understant that affiliate link when people click on that link you get paid does that make sense this is autopilot all tow pe https://www.digistore24and to youtub go to review video about done-for-you serviceslisten you don’t want you to buy anything  allyou go register for the webinar and listen when you’re done go to Youtube ..Watch this video to continue .. more information and professionalism in the market, you can use the necessary training on this website

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