Equality of rights between men and women

Equality of rights between men and women in history erupted with the discovery of the veil of Hazrat Tahereh Qara Al-Ain in Tehran
The Bah .’. Faith not only opened this door but also clearly described the vision of the destination before the eyes of the human world.
Giving Women the Right to Vote: The Bah -‘دی Faith 1863.

  • New Zealand 1893
  • America in 1920
  • Britain in 1928
  • France 1944
  • Japan in 1948
  • China in 1949
  • Iran in 1962 (Iran granted women the right to vote before Switzerland)
    Switzerland in 1971
  • Saudi Arabia has not yet recognized women’s suffrage.
    Also, in her book, Tahereh and the American Women’s Movement, she writes that property rights were one of the first rights granted to women in most of the United States, but women did not exercise the right to vote until August 7, 1919. As Stanton says:
    “The enthronement of women’s rights has been the greatest revolution the world has ever seen and will continue to see, and achieving it is not a toy.”
    Compare this to what Tahereh said moments before her martyrdom:
    “You can kill me whenever you want, but you can not stop the women’s liberation movement.” In my opinion, Tahereh Qara Al-Ain and Elizabeth Kiddy Stanton were two spiritual sisters with the same message from two different poles of the world.
    Tahereh’s spiritual influence on me was so deep that after studying and reviewing the Baha’i works, I converted to this religion, and at the same time with myself.
    Seventeen other members of that year’s law class and their families also became Baha’is.
    Because we all believed that achieving world peace depended on the principle of equal rights for men and women.
    With her heroic uprising in a dark age, Tahereh actually laid the foundation for world peace. . Taiziz

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