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do you know :
If you suppress sex
You will be angry
All the energy that went into having sex turns into anger, and you better have sex
Until you are angry

At least something is found in love, but in anger there is only pure violence
And nothing else
If sex is suppressed, the person becomes violent or violent towards others
Or to himself
These are two possibilities
Either he is harassed and tortures others, or he is being harassed
And torments himself

But in any case, there will be torture
Do you know why soldiers have not been allowed to have sex for centuries?

Well, the answer to this question is this, because if soldiers are allowed to have sex, there will not be enough anger and violence.

In sexual intercourse, when they are emptied
They become soft to a calm human being
Who is no longer able to fight
But if the soldier is sexually hungry
He will definitely fight better
In fact, violence will be a substitute for her sexual power
Sex is a very simple and natural phenomenon like hunger and thirst and nothing more

At night, people are afraid of sex and this fear has caused the category of sex to enter people’s minds. In fact, fear
Sex enters the brain
Therefore, the repression of sex indicates that it has been thought about a lot. The more this repression is done, the more sexual thoughts there are.

And no repression destroys sexual thinking, it even gives it a morbid form

On the other side of the curve is the West, where the culture of sexual extremism is causing a rift in the lives of sex seekers and has made the first priority

And other matters of life are less important, so we see that in this culture, the porn industry has closed down vulgar magazines and Nazi people.
And are abundantly visible

Therefore, it can be said that sex chat and what in the East is pathological and pathological

In the West with people and sexual extravagance and in the East with sexual denial and repression
While people and repression are two sides of the same coin, which, although they enter through two doors, but turn into one body.
And that’s about the true meaning of sex. Now let’s move on from this unknown sexual hype.

If you want to turn sex and love
The first basic principle is to look at it as a completely absolute phenomenon
Let us not associate these ideological beliefs with it and let the simple, natural and real concept of sex be manifested.

Sex is the reality of life that life itself reproduces as simply and clearly as a plant produces flowers and fruits.
You do not condemn or blame the flower, because flowers are the sex that is through the flowers that the tree can spread its seeds.
We do not blame the peacock for its rhythmic movements and removal of the cheeks
But it is the sex dance itself that is being performed to attract the attention of the opposite sex
If you look closely at life, you will be amazed that everything is sexual
All life is flowing through sex, so do not make unnecessary rational justifications in this natural phenomenon. If you want to use sexual energy, first of all learn not to deny sex.
Do not throw it away, do not suppress it and do not have extravagance in it

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