How to make money by writing: Part A.  

 If you specialize in a particular field, start a website and complete it with your own content that will gradually generate revenue for you through advertising or sales.  In addition to the appeal of writing, this flexibility in the way it works also makes it very interesting.  However, it needs to be said at the outset that writing is meant to produce valuable and new content.  Otherwise, what some sites and pages do by copying other people’s content is not considered writing, it is just copying and a kind of plagiarism.  Of course, Google also rewards these copiers and ignores them as much as possible in the results.  Attract regular customers by writing quality content first.  Why do you think businesses today are so focused on producing content and spending so much on it?  Because there is no other way to market, new and old customers can be loyal to themselves.  Social networks or sites without the content they contain are of no value and cannot attract users.

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