A memory of Captain Alfred

August . 1852   Captain Alfred von Gomonz, an Austrian officer in the service of Nasser al-Din Shah, writes a letter to his friend, impressed by the disgust and horror of the events he witnessed:  .  my friend .  How can you imagine what I have seen with my own eyes …  Those whose violent and ruthless executioner gritted their teeth one by one,  Or naked skulls shattered by hammer blows,  Or when the market is decorated or lit.  To show the tortured victims, candles have been dug, holes have been dug in their backs and shoulders, and lighted candles have been lit in place of the wounds.  They are chained together and circled around the city  And the agents whip them.  They peeled the soles of their feet and soaked them in melted oil  And because Bahamas put them in shoes and force them to run  While the rain of the executioner’s whip is not over ..  .  I personally had to see these scenes, which were eventually hung upside down on a tree.  And every Iranian is free to do whatever he wants despite their half-lives.

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